This Past Weekend

May 7, 2019

Five years ago, during operation protective edge, I lived in Be’er Sheva in the south of Israel. During that month and a half, 200 rockets were shot into Israel on a daily basis at all times of the day. We would spend a big part of our days inside bomb shelters and it seemed like the sound of sirens would never stop. 

This past weekend, over 700 rockets and bombs were shot from Gaza into Israel; my friends who live near the Gaza strip said there were no more than 6 minutes of quiet between one siren and another. Even the technology of the Iron Dome could not stop such a massive attack, and as consequence, four Israeli citizens lost their life.

Sadly, I myself do not see a solution to what is happening in Gaza any time soon, but I do try to look on the bright side and, for me; this is the reaction of the people of Israel. Those who live in the center and the north of Israel have opened up their homes to people of the south, our Facebook feeds were full of people offering to host families that leave near the Gaza strip, and organizations that offered free activities to families with young children. 

Tomorrow at sundown, another siren will be heard in Israel - this time we will not be running to the bomb shelters. This siren tomorrow marks the begging of Yom Hazikaron- Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism. All shopping centers and malls, which only 24 hours ago opened their gates to host the people of the south, will close for 24 hours to pay respect to those who have lost their lives to protect Israel. 

Israel Memorial Day

Moshe Feder- 68 was on his way to work when he was directly hit by an anti-tank rocket near the Gaza border. 

Pinchas Pashevzman- 21 a Hasidic (ultra-orthodox) and father of a 5 month old baby ran to a safe place during the sirens and was hit by a shrapnel. 

Zaid Alhamada- 49. A Muslim Bedouin and father of seven died when a rocket hit the factory he was working in at the city of Ashkelon. 

Moshe Agadi- 58 one of 14 siblings and father of four was hit by shrapnel while running to a bomb shelter. 


These are the last four names on a long list of people who lost their lives to terrorism, and these four to me represents how terrorism and war hurts all of the people of Israel-a non-religious Jew, an ultra-orthodox, a Muslim and a masorati (an Israeli Jew that keeps traditions but not exactly in an ultra-orthodox way).  

A video from street cameras showing a mom running to get her kids, They were standing in the street because they thought the siren going on is the one for Yom Hazikaron, but it was actually a rocket warning: