Yom Hazikaron

Red EverlastingToday is the Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism.

If you happen to be in Israel during Yom Ha’zikaron, you will notice the sirens, the somber mood, the flags at half-mast and a sticker on many lapels with a small red flower and the word “Yizkor.”

The flower, Red Everlasting, is known in Hebrew as “Dam Hamacabim” (Blood of the Maccabees) and is a symbol for The Memorial Day for Israeli Fallen Soldiers and the Victims of Terrorism.

The flower’s name is derived from a legend stating that a red flower grew wherever the blood of a Maccabee was spilled to the earth.

The flowers therefore commemorate the many soldiers and people who gave their lives for the state, its safety and its independence.

May Their Memory Be A Blessing.