Literary Scholar-in-Residence with Meir Shalev

January 27-30, 2019

Meir ShalevMeir Shalev is one of Israel’s most celebrated writers and has been the recipient of numerous distinguished book awards in Israel and abroad. He will be in Houston from January 27-30 as our visiting Literary Scholar-in-Residence

Chapter & Verse
My Wild Garden: An Exclusive Preview

Sunday, Jan 27 | 10:00 AM | at the J (New Location)
Advanced Registration Required by Monday, Jan 21

In his most recent work, renowned Israeli author Meir Shalev writes about his Jezreel Valley garden with humor and affection. Here, where the politics of the Middle East is one of planters, ants and flowers, Shalev tells of the colors, fragrances and sounds that rise up from his garden and ruminates on the relationship between land and humanity.

He also teaches a little literature, history, mythology and practical horticultural tips along the way. An exclusive opportunity to hear about this best-selling nonfiction book, currently only available in Hebrew, before it is published in English next year. 

$25 Member I $37 Public (includes brunch and lecture)

First Loves in the Bible: Part 1

Monday, Jan 28 | 7:30 PM | Kaplan Theatre at the J

The first instance of love in the Bible doesn’t involve a couple. The first kiss in the Bible has nothing to do with romantic love. In fact, the biblical concept of love has little to do with romance until we meet Isaac and Rebecca, the very first loving couple in all of Jewish text and literature.

Shalev will offer a close reading of their relationship in addition to examining the relationships of their predecessors Adam and Eve and Abraham and Sarah.

$15 Member | $22 Public

The Book of Ruth

Tuesday, Jan 29 | 12:00 PM | at Rice University, Rayzor Hall 119

The Book of Ruth is one of the greatest and best short stories in the bible, and arguably in the history of Jewish literature. But beneath the fascinating, amusing, romantic and erotic plot lies a curious political agenda. Who were the authors of the Bible, and what were their motives in linking Ruth to King David? Come and explore the ideas of lineage and narrative in this riveting lecture.

FREE | No RSVP Required

A Love Story with the Hebrew Language

Tuesday, Jan 29 | 7:30 PM | at the J
IN HEBREW - In partnership with the Israeli American Council

International bestselling author speaks about his life-long romance with the Hebrew language. Shalev shares about his use of the language in writing for adults and children, his use of words with biblical meaning, about the use of lions in the Israeli Navy, unique Hebrew expressions coined in Shalev’s family, and about the connection between King David and the sports section in the newspaper ‘Yedioth Ahronot’.

הסופר מאיר שלו: סיפור אהבה עם השפה העברית

הסופר מאיר שלו יספר על הרומן הממושך שהוא מנהל עם השפה העברית, על השימוש שהוא עושה בה בכתיבתו למבוגרים ולילדים. נשמע על האופנוען שלא ידע מה זה "איסטניס", על האריות ששואגים בצוללות של חיל הים, על הביטויים העבריים המיוחדים של משפחתו ועל הקשר בין קינת דוד ומדור הספורט של "ידיעות אחרונות".

. יצירותיו של מאיר שלו עוסקות בהווייה הישראלית ובראשית ההתיישבות היהודית בארץ-ישראל, שאובות מן המקורות ומחוברות לנוף, לטבע ולהיסטוריה של הארץ. 

$15 per person

First Loves in the Bible: Part 2 

Wednesday, Jan 30 | 7:30 PM | Kaplan Theatre at the J

From Shalev’s literary and secular perspective, this lecture will focus on the story of Jacob and Rachel, the greatest love story in the bible. Shalev will discuss the meeting at the well, the wedding night that turned to a night of disappointment and betrayal, and Jacob’s life with two sister wives. By examining these pivotal biblical characters, Shalev will offer a fascinating take on the idea of biblical love.

$15 Member I $22 Public


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