Virtual Summer Jewish Learning


Tuesdays, July 7, 14, 21, 28

10:00 AM Rabbi David Rosen, Transformative Decisions That Defined Conservative Judaism
From its inception, Conservative Judaism was governed halakhically (with Jewish law) by its Law Committee. Starting in the 1950's, major decisions were made which came to define a distinction between Orthodox and Conservative Judaism. In this course, we will look at several, including the permission to use electricity on Shabbat, to drive one's car to the synagogue on Shabbat, to consume wine and cheese not certified as kosher, and more. Register

11:00 AM Rabbi Dan Gordon, Midrash & Folklore
Legend teaches us that the Torah is written with black fire on white fire. The black fire is the text of what we are taught happened. When looking for deeper meaning, we “read between the lines” – and that is where we find midrash. These four sessions will give an introduction to midrash, the text-based stories that enhance our understanding of biblical narrative, as well as the larger world of Jewish stories that sprouted from those roots. Register

Thursdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30

10:00 AM Rabbi Kenny Weiss, Jewish Self-Deprecation & Parody
Put your tongue in your cheek and leave your political correctness at the door. We'll laugh as we explore Jewish self-deprecation and parody ranging from Chelm to Tom Lehrer and Allan Sherman. We will also discover contemporary Jewish modes of self-deprecation and parody created by and directed to the Jewish young adult community. Some examples contain (not so subtle) sexual innuendo, so stay away if you're easily offended. Register

11:00 AM Rabbi Barry Gelman, Arguing with God
Join this class for provocative discussions on four central biblical figures who argued with God. Register