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The New Face of J Meals
Kate Daniel
Sunday, January 1, 2017
by M Groogan

The New Face of J Meals

Houston, TX – Evelyn Rubenstein JCC announced Kate Daniel as the new Program Coordinator of J Meals. Though she just started in October, Kate is not new to the J. She first came around as an intern in the Fall of 2015, then left for a month to travel and then returned in the spring and was hired part time as an administrative assistant to help with day-to-day operations of the J Meals program.

With a  passion to help and make a difference in senior’s lives; she was quickly cast as a face to put on the Meals on Wheels America, Lets Do Lunch Campaign and was flown to DC in June to help kick off the event.

The J seized on the opportunity to grow the J Meals program and offered a full time position in October.

“Kate completes our Meals on Wheels team, her hands-on experience as an intern allows her to understand what happens out in the community from a volunteer perspective and the client perspective,” said Morgan Steinberg, Adult Department Director.  “She just ‘gets it.’ The program is more than the delivery of the meal, but the delivery of ensuring the seniors in our community have a safety check, access to resources, food in their pantry  and are able to remain in their homes.”

Kate wasted no time getting back to the grassroots working the week of Thanksgiving and delivering about 25 meals to clients.

“I had to come back, I just love the feel of the J,” said Kate. “There’s always somethng going on and there is always something new to learn. When you first look at our facilities, you don’t know that we are serving close to 400 clients daily out of that one small room downstairs and that we’re the only local program that serves kosher meals. That’s amazing!”

As a young college graduate, receiving a degree from the Univerity of Houston in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Non-profit Management just last December, Kate feels so fortunate to have already landed her dream job.

“It is a wonderful feeling to know that I am in a unique position to make change,” said Kate. “I would love to see our program grow, by tapping into our community and expanding our volunteer capacity. That is where our need is the greatest. I would like to grow the kosher meal program as well, as it is so important to our Jewish seniors who are living alone to practice their faith and have the autonomy to continue to keep kosher.”

If you would like to volunteer with J meals or learn more about the program call 713-595-8177 or visit Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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