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Jazz pianist Gadi Lehavi returns to Houston with his own Trio
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
by mgroogan

Jazz pianist Gadi Lehavi returns to Houston with his own Trio

Houston, TX - One year ago, a then 20 year old Gadi Lehavi wowed the audience gathered in the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Kaplan Theatre when he performed with the Eli Degibri Jazz Quartet.  Lehavi returns with his own trio Saturday, April 1 at 8:00 PM.

Born on April 29th, he is privileged to share his birthday with the great Duke Ellington, one of his many inspirations.  Playing by ear from a very early age and experimenting with improvisation drew Gadi naturally to jazz. A visit to New-York opened a door to the world. He was discovered by the renowned jazz musician Ravi Coltrane, who invited him to play together at the famous Village Vanguard and Birdland jazz clubs.

Since then, Gadi Lehavi has been performing in music festivals around the world and already had the privilege of performing and collaborating with some of the greatest musicians of our time. Among them are Ravi Coltrane, Chick Corea, Dave Liebman, Bobby McFerrin, Phil Wilson, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Eddie Gomez.

Asked to reflect on his work as a jazz artist, Lehavi explained, “For me, playing music is all about the innate desire to play, to explore. To let go of all the thoughts, all motives, all preconceived notions and ideas, and just play. You know just like a young child, who is just present, and is constantly curious, searching, imagining.  Who can connect with anybody! And open up, regardless of who they are, important or not, how old they are, where they are from, even abstractly, before they can speak a common language, they just feel, they just do, they just are.”

Lehavi is a graduate of the Rimon School of Jazz & Contemporary Music where he studied with pianist, composer and arranger Rami Levin and with pianist and composer Avi Adrian. He also studied classical piano with Dr. Michal Tal and with Professor Jonathan Zack from the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music.

“As musicians,” Lehavi remarked, “we have the opportunity, using these apparently meaningless, abstract sounds, to create a space, together with the audience, and just, play. And dream, and imagine, and have fun, and let go, of all thoughts and ideas, and be together, where suddenly, there seems to be no line of separation between the audience and the musicians, as if everyone is connected, and it feels like anything is possible, and then, together, we can play."

“One of the fun things we’ve been able to do at the J is introduce artists and then, at a later date, bring back artists who played with the headliner,” commented Assistant Executive Director Marilyn Hassid.  “We brought back Omer Avital after he performed first with Ravid Kahalani and Yemen Blues, and we brought back Eli Degibri after we were introduced to him when he played with Omer Avital.  And now, we welcome back Gadi after seeing his extraordinary performance last year with Eli.”

Tickets are $20 JCC Member/$30 Public with discounts for students and seniors.  For more information or to purchase tickets visit 

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