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Be Part of Something Bigger Join the Melton Family
Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
by mgroogan

Be Part of Something Bigger – Join the Melton Family

Houston, TX – There’s a growing group of adults who are doing something extraordinary at the J. Once a week they are part of the Melton & More program; Jewish adults who come together in mind and spirit to add meaning to their Jewish identity. Registration is now open for a new year of learning sure to inspire, enrich and add value to your life.

            The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is a sophisticated text-based Jewish literacy program developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that explores Jewish traditions, history, theology and ethics in an exciting and thought-provoking environment, but what happens here is much more than something out of the textbook.

“It's truly wonderful how meaningful the Melton classes have been. The classes are relevant to everyday life, inspiring and fun,” said Ronnie Kurtin, a recent Melton graduate who retired as an Executive from Shell and Hess Corporation a few years ago. “It is such a well done program, the curriculum is thought out and instructors are knowledgeable. I end up learning just as much from the diverse group of students attending as you do from the excellent pool of instructors. It’s a real gem to have this right here in Southwest Houston, a couple miles from my home.”

“I am about to begin my 21st year of Melton,” said Teri Greenblatt, J Staff member. “As I started my Jewish journey I learned that many adults were like me; no formal Jewish education but identified as being Jewish and had the desire to study and learn. And it was such a satisfying experience to do that with others who have similar interests.”  

“One of my favorite instances of Melton being a lifeline for me was during Sukkot,” said Michelle Renfrow, another Melton alum. “I had a Sukkot pot luck supper planned and the cantor who was supposed to come and help with the Judaic parts of the program became unavailable. I was nervous but stopped and took a minute to remember my lessons from Melton. I was able to lead the group in a brief overview and discussion of the holiday. I surprised myself and was also very proud of the knowledge I learned.”

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is thriving today in more than 60 cities worldwide and Houston is one of them. Now is your time to delve deeper into your Jewish journey. Make a commitment to study at the Houston Melton & More program this fall. Take either the Melton Core program and study Jewish traditions, beliefs, history and ethics; or commit to a nine-week trimester Scholars course that focuses on array of interesting topics such as: Jewish Artists, Misinterpreting the Bible, Ethical Mystics and American Jewish Culture.

Core Melton classes run October 19 – May 24, 2018. The first trimester of Scholars classes is October 16 – December 21, 2017. Registration is open now through October 15. Visit for more information or contact Rabbi Samantha Safran at

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