Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Elects New President
Thursday, May 31, 2018

led the board through three rewarding, though challenging years. “Serving as president has really been an amazing experience. I have enjoyed working with our membership, leaders, professional staff and community partners to make a difference. Certainly, during my term, the J and our entire community has been faced with unbelievable challenges, difficult decisions and unimaginable situations. Thankfully, we have worked with resiliency and strength, building community together. There is so much more work to do, but I am proud of what we have accomplished and know we will continue to work toward our vision of positioning the J for the future,” she said.

As Kaplan reflected on her term, she was amazed by what has been accomplished together, even in the face of great difficulties. “Overall, the J’s leadership has focused within itself, wanting to be more educated and engaged in an effort to be better ambassadors to the J.  Throughout most of my tenure we have focused on being a connector of community - either within the walls of our facilities or more organically by meeting people where they are. Of course, while we began to create a vision for the J of the future, our path to get there was interrupted and sidetracked as we had to focus on the present and the extensive recovery efforts from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. What I have learned the most is that our community has an amazing team of volunteer leadership and professional staff who commit wholeheartedly to strengthening and building Jewish connections in a collaborative and meaningful way,” she stated.

Dinkin commended her efforts. “As president Debbie led the J and its community response to three floods while at the same time providing leadership on an ongoing basis. She is a passionate and committed lay leader, and we are fortunate to have had her as president of the J for the past three years,” he said. 

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Evelyn Rubenstein JCC Houston is a non-profit organization that provides quality programs for all members of the family including infants, school-aged children, teens, adults and seniors. Evelyn Rubenstein JCC provides more than $500,000 in scholarship aid to area families in need thanks to the generous support received, in part, from the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and the United Way.



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