Tapestry of Dance Workshop: Introduction to Flamenco
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Have you been intrigued by Flamenco Dance? Is it on your list of things to do? Come try an Introduction to Flamenco class with instructor Ana Maria Barcelo Sunday, July 22 from 3:00 PM-4:30 PM at the J.

In this master class, students will learn the main techniques of flamenco dance including braceo (movement of the hands and arms), marcajes (marking), zapateo (footwork) and palmas (rhythmic clapping). In addition, students will learn a very short choreography using all these elements.

“For this workshop no previous flamenco knowledge is required,” stated Barcelo. “Wear comfortable clothes (gym clothes), and women can bring a long skirt. Flamenco shoes are preferable, but if you don’t have them, you can wear any type of closed shoes.”

Barcelo began taking ballet classes when she was 3 years old in her native country, Puerto Rico. As her passion for dance grew, she began Flamenco classes with Antonia Santaella, a renowned Spanish dancer from Granada. To improve her Flamenco skills, Ana Maria has been frequently traveling to Spain to take classes in prestigious Flamenco schools.

“Ana Maria will be just returning from studying in Spain for the month of June. She will be bringing the latest techniques to her class at the J,” said Maxine Silberstein, coordinator for the Tapestry of Dance program.

The fee for this class is $12 pre-registration online or $16 at the door. To register online, or check out our complete listing of dance classes visit or call 713-551-7217.

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