Exploring the Artistic Process - Adult Art at the J
Friday, September 21, 2018

Explore one’s artistic side and discover new talents with two new adult art programs at the Evelyn Rubenstein JCC (the J). 

Led by instructor Stacy Kuropata, the Journey through Art History lecture series will feature a wide variety of artists from the beginning of the Paleolithic Period all the way to Neo Classicism and Pop Art. Through viewing sculpture, painting, drawing and more, Kuropata will discuss the elements and principle of art.

Kuropata is a ceramic sculptor and potter from Houston. She studied art at the University of Houston where she first discovered her passion for working with clay. Upon graduation, she was accepted into the MFA program at Houston Baptist University, where she focused on large scale sculptures and installation pieces. She has taught Art Appreciation at Lone Star College and currently teaches hand building and wheel throwing at the J. 

A Journey through Art History will take place on Thursdays, October 4-18 from 7:00 PM-8:00 PM. Registration is $24 for J members and $36 for the public.

“Learn about the Hebrew letters and use collage as a creative springboard to get new insights about yourself as a person,” said Deborah Rolnik Raichman, Houston’s Own artist for The Alephbet Workshop.

According to Jewish tradition, the individual letters of the Hebrew alphabet, their names, graphic forms, gematrias and respective position in the alphabet are divinely ordained. The letters have been studied and interpreted by sages throughout history and offer a wealth of Jewish concepts that can bring one closer to one’s heritage. The workshop proposes the study of material concerning a few of the Hebrew letters and to use them as a subject for collage artwork. The small size of the collages and the simple art activity of tearing and pasting disarms natural inhibitions and makes it possible to easily create art and absorb the values of the material.

Rolnik Raichman, a Brazilian Judaica Artist, presently lives in Houston. The warm and vivid colors from tropical Brazil where she was raised are a steady presence in her work. From her European parents, who were Holocaust refugees, she inherited a passion for everything Jewish. During her graduate studies in architecture, she became interested in Jewish art and religion, which has become the focus of her life. Symbols of the Jewish tradition, especially the rich imagery associated with the Hebrew alphabet, are her main sources of inspiration. Her artwork, based on traditional sources, aims to remind the modern Jew of his long-forgotten heritage. As she said,”When I make my public curious about Jewish culture, I’ve reached my goal.”

The Alephbet Workshop will take place Thursday, October 25 from 7:00 PM-9:30 PM. The fee for the workshop is $30 and includes supplies. Participants should bring magazines, printed papers and copied images that are attractive to them such as National Geographic,  Architectural Digest, etc. 

To register for either workshop or for more information, email or visit

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