Start the New Year with Adult Art and Dance Classes at the J
Monday, December 31, 2018

Start the New Year by expressing your creative side in an art class or getting fit and improving your health with dance at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center (the J). The Winter/Spring session begins the week of January 6, and spaces are available in many classes.  

Adult Art Classses
Painting and drawing are easy hobbies to begin since all you need is a canvas, some basic paint colors and paintbrushes. The J offer classes for beginner to advanced students. Instructor Gerry Melot returns to the J to teach advanced drawing, joining Susan Wingfield and Ruthi Drori- Mittelman to complete the adult art staff.

“Classes are for students who know little or nothing about drawing or painting or those who want a refresher class. They can try different mediums (oil, acrylic, and watercolor) and learn about each, the tools and techniques, brushes, surfaces, color theory, mixing color, value scales in black and white and in color,” said Wingfield.  

Or students can try a ceramic class. Amaranth Stoneware lists the following reasons for taking a pottery class: “1) Mud makes you mello 2) It’s a weekly bath for your skin 3) You can make your favorite coffee mug 4) You meet new friends 5) Exercise your creativity, because body and mind need to work together 5) Surprise yourself with what you can accomplish! and 6) Because you want to. And you should do what you want sometimes.”  


Instructors Stacy Kuropata and Ruthi Drori-Mittleman continue building the J’s ceramics program with creative ideas in their hand building and wheel throwing classes. For those unable to take daytime classes, instructor Caitlin Scott also offers an evening ceramic class. 


Adult Dance Classes

It’s never too late to start dance classes! Whether one is learning how to dance or refreshing skills from one’s youth, students will find the J offers professional instruction in ballet, contemporary and tap classes for beginners through intermediate level students.


Dance classes for adults offer a multitude of health benefits. As people age, they spend more time sitting and less time on their feet, reducing the flexibility they enjoyed in their younger years. However, the stretching and repetition of dance movements will increase one’s flexibility.


Another side effect of aging is loss of strength. It becomes increasingly difficult for older adults to build muscle tissues. Dance classes help build strength by forcing muscles to experience resistance against one’s body weight. Some great dance styles to build strength include ballet and contemporary.


Adults may also experience lower endurance levels. Dancing is a physical exercise that will help improve one’s endurance. With continued dancing, one’s endurance levels have no choice but to improve. 


Find a fulfilling new activity at the J; there’s a class for all ages and abilities. To register online or check the complete listing of classes, visit or call 713-551-7217.

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