Karol Musher STARS Early Childhood Intervention Program

STARS Program

Karol Musher STARS Early Childhood Intervention Program was designed to enable preschool children with special needs - language, social pragmatic and sensory motor challenges - to attain skills required for transition into traditional school settings.

Our program provides multi-disciplinary intervention in a highly structured, language based, creative and nurturing environment within a Jewish setting. Families are collaborative partners in the ongoing observation, treatment and education of our students. Children have the unique opportunity to develop communication, play and social skills with typical peer groups at a traditional preschool campus.

Children eligible for STARS are between the ages 2-5 with language, social pragmatic and sensory motor challenges. Students attending this program require intensive educational support and multidisciplinary intervention. The STARS program runs daily from 8:30 AM-2:00 PM, September through August to ensure that participating children retain acquired skills and experience minimal regression.

The STARS curriculum is eclectic, drawing upon various models, depending upon the particular needs and readiness of each student. Each child's intervention plan is based upon our initial assessments and ongoing evaluations.

Individual therapeutic plans will focus upon the following:

  • Cognitive Development (pre-academic and academic)
  • Learning Readiness
  • Communication (receptive/expressive)
  • Social Development/Play Skills
  • Self-Care (including eating, toileting, dressing, grooming and hygiene)
  • Motor Development (fine and gross)
  • Sensory Integration
  • Jewish Holidays and Shabbat Experiences

Speech and language therapy and occupational therapy are integral components of the STARS educational program. In addition, physical education, arts and crafts, aquatics, and music are provided to support every child's classroom experience.

We are currently enrolling students and have limited spaces available. If you would like more information or have any questions about Karol Musher STARS Early Childhood Intervention Program, please contact Meagan Friedman at or 713.551.7200.

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