About Meyerland Soccer

The club offers soccer for 4-13 year olds. There is one practice during the week (different teams practice on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday), and games are on Sunday afternoons starting at approximately 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 PM. Practices and games will likely occur at one of several Meyerland locations (including possibly at the Merfish Center field at the corner of S. Rice and Chimney Rock, Godwin Park, Meyerland PVA Middle School, Lovett Elementary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Shearn Elementary, Cunningham Elementary and/or Westwood Park). 

You do not need to be a J member to play with the club. There is NOT a registration deadline but team assignment priorities are based in part on first-in-time registrations. Thus, if you want to practice on a certain day or be on a certain team (or if you have a friend request you want to play with), the people that register first will generally get their preferences before people that register later. The earlier you register, the better chance of having your requests honored (i.e. first come, first served).

The club offers both small sided (i.e. 3 v. 3 and 4 v. 4) games as well as full field 7 v. 7 or 8 v. 8 games (with goalies). We have many veteran coaches, and we are looking for new, enthusiastic volunteer coaches. We had [10] U9-U11 teams, [12] U8 teams and [12] U6 teams for the Spring 2013 season. We expect to have [10-12] U6 teams, [10-12] U8 teams, [6-8] U10 teams and [6-8] U13 teams. 

It is a family-friendly soccer club. The whole key is to have kids have a good time playing soccer. Every child plays at least one half, and kids are encouraged to play all positions. At this level, the goal is to simply have the kids enjoy being part of a team, get good exercise and enjoy playing soccer. The league stresses sportsmanship and stresses positive competitive games, and the kids really seem to enjoy it. Even the kids who have not played before will have a good time playing in this club, and the volunteer coaches strive to make sure the kids simply have a great time.

For more information, please contact in-house Director of Soccer, Michael Brookner, at 281.686.7380 or