Meyerland Soccer Fall 2020 Health Guidelines

  1. Proposal is for a delayed season with team practices starting the week of September 21. Games will begin Sunday, October 18 and go thru Sunday, December 13 with the exception of Sunday, November 29.
  2. Each team will have a maximum of 2 coaches per team with no substitutes.
  3. Games/practices will be limited to parents only or a guardian designated by the parents. No extra guests will be allowed to attend games or practices.
  4. Everyone will be expected to wear masks going to and from all games/practice fields. Once practice or warm-ups begin, players will then be able to take their mask off. All non-players and coaches will be expected to wear the entirety of practices and games.
  5. During games, players will stay in their designated team area once warm-ups begin and until the end of the game unless playing on the field.
  6. Spectators will be required to distance themselves from the player areas and practice social distancing amongst each other.
  7. There will be no sharing of equipment during games or practices. All players will have to provide their own equipment.
  8. Game balls will be furnished by Meyerland Soccer and will be cleaned periodically throughout the game.
  9. If a team is short of players for a game, additional players can only be acquired from the team they are playing against. Players from other teams will not be eligible.
  10. Schedules will be created to add additional time in between each game to help reduce the traffic entering and leaving the fields.
  11. Teams will be allowed to enter the fields at a specific time designated before each game.
  12. At the end of each game, families will exit the fields immediately.
  13. There will be no shared snacks or drinks at all games and practices. Each player will be expected to bring their own food and drink to all games and practices.
  14. U5 Teams will consist of a maximum of 9 players. U7 and above will consist of a maximum of 12 players.
  15. Any child, coach or staff person who has a temperature of 100℉ or higher, or who are displaying symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, flush cheeks, shortness of breath, rash, fatigue or extreme fussiness and other ailments such as vomiting or diarrhea will not be allowed to attend practice or games until a signed clearance from a medical doctor is provided to Meyerland Soccer, clearing them to participate in activites.