Ultimate Frisbee Health & Safety Guidelines

Health & Safety Guidelines

To help create a fun but safe environment for everyone, these are the guidelines we will be asking each member to follow when playing Ultimate Frisbee.

  • All players will check in at the gate from the parking lot by showing their health screening and badges to the staff person on site. If no person on site then they must show it to one of the coaches.
  • All players are expected to wear mask at all times, except when they are playing.
  • Everyone should bring their own water bottles.
  • There may be other activities such as lap swimming, pickleball and other J programs taking place at the Merfish Teen Center at the same time. We ask that all players stay in their reserved space and respect the space of others.
  • Bathrooms are available but we ask that only one person use at a time
  • All players will be asked to exit out of the same gate that they enter and to wear a mask while leaving.

For more information on basketball, please email Lee Hutchens at