Ultimate Frisbee


If you enjoy being outdoors, being around your friends, active or looking for something new to do or try then come out to the Merfish Teen Center. This sport is for everyone, even if you have never touched a Frisbee before.


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About Ultimate Frisbee

The J is now playing ultimate Frisbee games for kids in 4th-12th grades at the Merfish Teen Center on select Sundays.

People play ultimate because it is genuinely FUN and exciting while keeping you active and healthy.

What is Ultimate Frisbee you may ask?

Ultimate Frisbee is a low contact, constantly moving outdoor sport that is played with a Frisbee and plays like soccer, defense like basketball, and your team gets a point when someone catches the frisbee in the end zone like football.

How many people can play?

You can have a max of 7 people on the field per team.

What is the best thing about Ultimate and why should anyone play it?

Ultimate helps to teach and relies on the sportsmanship of its players and invokes the “spirit of the game” to maintain fair play. It does this by the players calling their own fouls as there are no referee’s on the field.

How will Ultimate Frisbee @ the Merfish work?

  • We will have staff on hand to help run and monitor the games and they will be available to provide feedback and instruction.
  • We will provide the discs and the grass, all you need to bring is yourself and your ability to have fun.
  • We do ask everyone to register (no cost) on the J’s website so we know who to expect for each game.
  • We do have a capacity limit so please make sure to register as soon as you can.


Program Membership required. Please review our Health & Safety Guidelines.

For more information please call 713.729.3200.