Membership Policies

Facility Security 

All members and guests are required to show membership ID, J Pass or picture ID upon entering the facility. Members are required to carry a membership card while at the J. Non-transferable, bar coded, photo ID membership cards are issued to all members age 7 and older upon joining. If you join online, please stop by the Member Services Desk in the front lobby to take your photo and receive your ID. 

Membership Dues

Dues can be debited monthly from a checking account or credit card. You may pay in full by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Membership is neither refundable nor transferable. Refunds cannot be issued for non-use of the facilities. All memberships are valid for a minimum of one year from the date of registration, unless otherwise indicated.    

Financial Assistance

Based on current financial need and is reassessed each year. Please contact the Membership Office at for further information. Applications and discussions are held in complete confidence. No one is denied membership due to inability to pay established rates.

Additional Fees

Will be charged for classes, workshops and programs and are due at time of registration. Fees and services are subject to change. Visit our online class directory for a complete listing of classes and programs.


If you travel outside the Houston area, most of the more than 275 JCC's across North America will honor your membership for up to two weeks. We will extend the same courtesy to guests from outside the Houston area when they present a valid JCC membership card. Don't forget to carry your card with you when visiting other cities. 

Guest Passes

Be our guest: We welcome you, your family, and your guests to enjoy the J!  Please review our Guest Policies for more information.