Program & Facility Updates 9-13-17

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Posted by: Joel Dinkin

Program Updates

Our staff continues to find facilities to open their doors for our programs. Four different gymnastic gyms are providing space for our competitive gymnasts to train.

Congregation Brith Shalom that hosted our concert this past Sunday is providing space for our children and teen theater productions to rehearse, and Shlenker Day School is hosting our KidZone program.

Our staff is amazing. They have been working under very difficult conditions but continue to push forward to find ways to create opportunities to offer programs.

A special thank you to our facilities staff who are working very long days side by side with our contractors to address all the repairs and to our Early Childhood staff and teachers at BAS and West Houston who cleaned, schlepped and set up the Tennis Center to serve as our temporary home.

More than 30 Evelyn Rubenstein JCC staff and their families were impacted personally by the floods; many have returned to work in the past few days.

In addition, as a result of the eight feet of water in the lower level, 15 staff lost personal items from their offices.

Facilities Update

Contractors are working to complete the installation of the temporary generators and chillers to bring electricity and air conditioning to the building.

We do not have a specific time table, but prior to re-opening we will complete a comprehensive environmental and air quality analysis.

On Tuesday the insurance adjusters spent four hours on campus assessing the damage. We had a great team of adjusters who pointed out damage that could only be seen by a trained professional.

The good news is that on Wednesday we will begin repairs at the Merfish Teen Center and hope to have this work completed within four weeks.

While the pace is slower than I would like, we are making progress. We remain committed to providing programs wherever and whenever we can and bringing you back to your J as soon as possible.


Joel Dinkin
Executive Vice President


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