Senior Fitness

Stay Young Through Fitness

The Stay Young Through Fitness class is designed to develop and maintain movement patterns that mimic real life. Class participants will have the opportunity to do a lot of reaching, stretching, strengthening, and bending through all planes of motion. This class is a fun way to stay in shape.

Hatha Yoga 60+

Explore and enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga in a gentle way. Heal and strengthen the body and calm and refresh the mind through gentle stretching, conscious breathing and relaxation.

Senior Water Fitness

A moderate tempo, low impact exercise program that will improve aerobic fitness, range of motion and coordination. The resistances of the water provides support for the joints while adding intensity to the workout.

Learn more about our fitness programs or contact the Fitness Center at 713.551.7211.

Roland Neville

Fitness Director

(713) 551-7211