New Class Prepares Kids for Swim Test

Monday, May 14, 2018
Posted by: Lee Hutchens

Boy UnderwaterSummer is almost here and with the Outdoor Pool now open weekends, it’s time to think about preparing your child to pass the swim test.  All swimmers under the age of 18 must pass the test, which allows them to use any area of any pool past the 3 ft. depth marker rope line. 

It’s fairly common for kids to have the jitters about passing the swim test, especially if they haven’t been in a pool since last summer. 

To help our young swimmers build their confidence and review the skills needed to pass the test, we’re offering a NEW Swim Test Class beginning May 22. The class will be offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:15 PM—4:45 PM or from 4:45 PM—5:15 PM for four sessions. 

The Swim Test Class is for children age 6 and up who have already gone through swim lessons. It is not for children looking to learn how to swim. 

The focus of the class is to go over the three main parts of the swim test and to build up a child’s confidence in the water. 

  • Jump in the water at least 7 feet deep and come up to the surface.
  • Tread water or float for at least 1 minute without touching the wall.
  • Be able to swim 25 yards without grabbing the wall or the rope. 

At the end of the class, each child will be given the opportunity to take and pass the swim test and be given their wrist band if they pass. This will allow them to jump right in on their first day at the pool.

Help your child develop the skills they need to successfully pass the swim test.

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