Three Things You Want to Know About Sports Hour Class

Friday, October 19, 2018
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Sports ClassResearch shows that preschoolers ages 2-6 benefit greatly from physical activity, and those habits of exercise have lifelong impacts. Athletic programs for this age group not only impact their physical well-being, but also spur their cognitive learning development. 

This same research also shows that sports activities that allow children to play with balls, dribble with both hands and feet, run, skip, hop, jump and learn to work with others as a “team” are also important to their development during these years.  

We provide many options for your preschool age child to develop a love for physical activity and athletics. Everyone knows the J for our wonderful gymnastics programs, learn to swim programs and tennis facilities.

But we also offer a Sports Hour class that combines the best the J has to offer with a wide range of sports so that your child can try a sampling of various activities.  

Top three reasons why you should register your child for the Sports Hour class: 

  1. Get Started Early - Early introduction to various sports in small increments allows young minds to enjoy a variety of sports and sports activities that utilize and build on the foundational fundamentals being learned in their gymnastics class. The coordination, strength, agility and discipline of understanding how to take turns, listen and accept and apply corrections is amazing with these youngsters.  

  2. Lifetime of Benefits - Children will grow up, and as they do no one can predict which sport they will gravitate toward or have an aptitude for. Introducing them to a wide variety of activities and giving them choices and the option of learning to play and excel in a fun, safe and recreational environment will benefit them for the rest of their lives, giving them the ability to stay healthy and fit in a fun and constructive manner.   

  3. Time for Yourself – While your child is in their Sports Hour class, you could get a workout in as well in our state-of-the-art Fitness Center.   

We have spots available in our Sports Hour classes now. We have new staff and a renewed focus. The short- and long-term benefits  are priceless and all here and available to you at the J.

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