Summer Fitness Challenge Pits Trainer vs. Trainer

Friday, May 31, 2019
Posted by: Caitlin Cecil, Health and Fitness Coordinator

Whose Side Will You Take to Get in Shape?

Ulises vs Angela

In the spirit of summer competition, our next fitness challenge, Trainer vs. Trainer, starts next week. Angela and Ulises face off in a challenge to get you in beach body shape in no time.

Once you choose your team, either Team Angela or Team Ulises, you can choose to train with your group either once or twice a week for the duration of the challenge.

The Details

We will have two competitions featuring exercises like box jumps, dead lifts, and everyone’s favorite, burpees. Every team member will compete and based on the percentage of improvement from the first competition to the second, a winning team will be chosen.

We will have a fun party at the end for all competitors because everyone is a winner here at the J. We will choose competition dates based on competitor's availability.

Dates: June 2-August 4
Team Ulises Training Sessions: Wednesday at 9:30 AM and Saturday at 8:30 AM
Team Angela Training Sessions: Tuesdays at 5:00 PM and Sundays at 9:00 AM
Pricing: $140 for once a week training,  $280 for twice a week

Make sure you chose your team wisely, train with your group and bring it!

Contact Caitlin Cecil with any questions: