In Memory of George Floyd

Thursday, June 4, 2020
Posted by: Jeremy Samuels, President, Board of Trustees and Joel Dinkin, CEO

The death of George Floyd and the protests across the world continue to be a reminder of how deep the pain is in our society. We are reminded of the universally applicable Jewish value to love your neighbor as yourself.

The concept of neighborhood has and will continue to drive the J. As we begin to reopen the J, we are reminded of our mission to develop and strengthen Jewish identity, foster Jewish values, and enrich the Jewish community and the greater community.

We know that you join us in standing in solidarity across the country as we are all outraged by the injustice and loss of life.

May George Floyd’s, and everyone that has died as a result of racial injustice, memory be a blessing.


Jeremy Samuels
President, Board of Trustees    
Joel Dinkin
 Chief Executive Officer 


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