Meyerland Soccer: Fun and Fitness for Kids

Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Posted by: by Robin Fortenberry, Director of Fitness Services

Meyerland Soccer

With fall weather fast approaching, parents are looking for new ways to safely get their kids outside and participating in fun activities. Outdoor play provides an important source of necessary activity for children.

Health Benefits of Soccer

Children get the most benefit from exercising when participating in activities for at least one hour. Health benefits can include stronger bones and muscles, reduced risk of unhealthy weight gain, improved sleep, positive attitude and confidence, and a lowered risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Unfortunately in our modern world, many children are inactive and suffer from unhealthy weight gain and the negative effects that come with that. This is a growing problem in our society today.

One activity that can provide a safe and healthy environment for your child to get the activity they need is youth soccer. Meyerland Youth Soccer Club at the J is a family-friendly neighborhood soccer club that promotes positive, competitive play for all levels. Whether your child is a skilled veteran or just wants to try the sport for the first time, Meyerland Soccer offers a great environment for all. 

Family-Friendly Schedules

Meyerland Soccer’s program is based on the principle that all players play regardless of ability. We create a fun, inclusionary environment that allows kids to get healthy exercise and just have fun. Teams start at Pre-K and go through middle school with only one scheduled practice day a week and games on Sunday afternoons between 12:30 PM-6:30 PM.

This allows families with the busiest of schedules to participate. Each team has a specific day of the week assigned to practice, and team selection for the individual can be based on practicing on a specific day of the week. Practice day requests along with friend requests and sibling schedule issues are always considered and accommodated as best as possible. As is in many organizations, returning players and first-time players who register early will have the greatest opportunity to have their requests met. 

Health and Safety is a Priority

We realize that in this day, there are additional concerns for children participating in team sports. In lieu of the continued possibility of contracting COVID-19, we have created new health and safety guidelines to reduce risk for players, coaches and officials. These guidelines include all participants, spectators, officials and staff wearing masks at all times with the exception of players on the field of play or practice.

Many medical professionals agree that wearing a mask in public is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. There are other guidelines specific to social distancing, equipment sharing, spectator limitations and team rosters. Please review the complete list of Meyerland Soccer Health and Safety guidelines.

Registration is Open

So if you are looking for an engaging activity that promotes health and fun, try soccer with Meyerland Soccer Club. First practices begin the week of Sept 21 and games begin Oct 18 and run through December 13.

For more information of the benefits of youth soccer, contact the Director of Soccer, Michael Brookner, at 281.686.7380 or email

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