Bunny and Leo Horvitz Scholar-In-Residence Program

Dr. Leo Horvitz’s commitment to the Jewish community is legendary. The Scholar-in-Residence Program was originally established in 1989 by his wife, Bunny, to honor the memory of Dr. Horvitz who served the Jewish community of Houston in many capacities. In 1995, to honor the blessed memory of Bunny Horvitz, the program was renamed the Bunny and Leo Horvitz Scholar-in-Residence Program.

The series continues to reflect their dedication to excellence in Jewish education for the entire community. The Evelyn Rubenstein JCC thanks the Horvitz family for its continued support of this program.

Israel at 75: The Fascinating Story of Modern Israel

February 13 – February 28, 2023
Featuring Prof. Paul Liptz

This young country has experienced dramatic changes and challenges, surrounded by enemies and some friends, absorbing Jews from around the world, moving from a socialist to capitalist economy and trying desperately to define the “Jewish State” with an Arab minority.

Professor Paul Liptz, a social historian, was on the Tel Aviv University faculty for 40 years in the Department of Middle East and African History, and five years at the International School.  Prior to that, he was at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which included activities with the Melton Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora. He taught at the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem for 25 years and for the World Union for Progressive Judaism. His wide range of topics include the Yishuv (Pre-State), the Modern State of Israel, Nationalism in the Middle East, Modern Jewish History, Israeli Society, and the Contemporary Middle East.  In the Israel Army reserves, he was involved in the 1982 War in Lebanon and, after serving in a field unit, he transferred to the education section where he lectured officers and non-commissioned officers on non-military realms.  Since the 1970s, he has traveled the world, serving as a lecturer/scholar in some 20 countries, including Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.  In January 2020 he was the month-long Scholar-in-Residence with the Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program. Born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Professor Liptz came to Israel as a volunteer on June 4, 1967, one day before the Six Day War.  He stayed, became a citizen, and married Brenda.  They have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.


Due to a generous donation from Shirley and Sig Horvitz and Carol and Paul Horvitz, this year’s program is FREE.