Matkon Im Zikaron (Taste of Memories)

| MON, APR 15, 2024

Taste of Memories is a unique initiative that works to commemorate fallen Israel Defense Forces soldiers and Israeli victims of terror, through cooking their favorite recipes and telling the stories…

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Hamantaschen Happiness: The Purim Pastry Party

| TUE, MAR 05, 2024

Indulge in a creative twist on traditional hamantaschen with pastry chef Sarah Schnitzer. Explore innovative recipes, like chocolate hamantaschen filled with luscious banana jam. Unleash your culinary creativity, perfect your…

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Picklemania: The Art of Pickling

| TUE, MAR 05, 2024

Join us for a unique pickling and canning experience led by Dr. Creasy of Texas A&M. Learn the art of preserving, pickling and canning in this expert-guided class. Discover secrets…

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Ziggy’s Deli Delights: A Culinary Journey with a Master

| WED, FEB 14, 2024

Unleash your culinary creativity with Ziggy Gruber from Kenny and Ziggy’s in this fish-focused cooking class. Dive into the art of preparing delectable fish dishes with a seasoned deli maven.…

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A Night Out: Dinner in Paris

| WED, JAN 10, 2024

Take a trip to the most romantic country you can imagine, with this three course meal of love, showing you how to prepare an elegant meal, along with plating skills…

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