Camp Counselor-In-Training

As a counselor-in-training (CIT), teens in 10th grade gain the skills necessary to lead and be successful future camp counselors! During the first week, CIT participants learn how to be effective role models, gain insight into youth and adolescent development, and build a repertoire of games, activities, language and techniques to enhance their ability to create a safe, positive and fun camp environment. The second and third week of being a CIT includes being assigned to a specific camp to assist existing staff in supervising campers, supporting group activities and enriching the social and
educational experience of the campers. CPR and First Aid training are provided during the first week. Teens will earn 60 volunteer hours. Teens can be a CIT for both sessions that are being offered. Please contact Barrie Skalsky for more information.

Session 1 | Weeks 2-4 | June 10-28 Session 2 | Weeks 6-8| July 8-26

Counselor-In-Training will be held at the Main J Campus.

Barrie Skalsky

Teen Engagement Coordinator