3rd-5th Camp

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Kaleidoscope (Grade 3) Gymnastics
Week 1-9 | Jun 14-Aug 13
By popular demand, J Camps added a 3rd grade option at Camp Kaleidoscope. Camp K 3.0 will include Camp K favorites such as Boker Tov, swimming, Chugim (electives), and all-camp special events. 3rd graders will have ability-appropriate instructional swim three days a week.
Week 1-9 | Jun 14-Aug 13
Campers will enjoy learning skills and drills that could lead them into our recreational, or even competitive, programs. Our camp program is designed so that campers will have a lot of fun. The campers will leave Gymnastics Camp at the J better prepared not only to continue with gymnastics, but also for any other sports they may have an interest or aptitude in.
Tennis Art
Week 1-9 | Jun 14-Aug 13
Tennis campers will focus on skill development and movement. The coaches will work with campers to establish the fundamentals of tennis, including technical work on all strokes while making new friends in a fun and exciting environment. In the afternoon, campers will have the option to swim or play tennis games designed to reinforce what they learned during the morning. The most important parts of Tennis Camp are having fun, improving overall skills and giving your camper a sense of accomplishment.
Week 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 | Jun 21-25, Jul 5-9, Jul 19-23, Jul 26-30, Aug 9-13
ART CAMP Art Camp at the J is the place to let your camper’s imagination shine. Each week will be a new experience, with campers working in different mediums or on different themes. Campers can register for one week or several and learn about different techniques and styles each time!

Week 2 - Art Masters Painting Lab
Week 4 - Art Around the World
Week 6 - Fashion Design
Week 7 - Clay and Ceramics
Week 9 - Re-Use and Up-Cycle Anything!
So You Think You Can Dance Hip Hop and You Don't Stop
Week 1 & 2 | Jun 14-25
Classes with experts in styles of dance including: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballroom, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, and more! Learn the history, evolution, and technique of each style! A SYTYCD style showcase will take place at the end of this two-week camp.
Week 9 | Aug 9-13
Campers will focus on the different styles of hip hop, including break dancing, pop and lock, and crumping. Watch historical footage of original b-boy dancers and take classes from experts in the industry. At the end of the week, campers will perform a high-octane showcase for friends and families!
Performing Arts Broadway Bootcamp
Week 3-4 & 7-8 | Jun 28-Jul 9 & Jul 26-Aug 6
Now a 2-week camp, each session of PAC offers campers the opportunity to be part of a full–scale theatre production of Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit. In the fairy tale criminal justice system, the characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes are represented by two separate yet equally ridiculous groups: the fairy tale police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the storybook offenders. Campers will experience all aspects of theatre, both onstage and off, and grow not only in their theatre skills but also in creativity and confidence.
Week 5 | Jul 12-16 
This new offering is perfect for campers who dream of having their name in lights! Campers will spend the week growing their acting, singing, and dancing skills - all to become strong musical theatre performers. Campers will get the opportunity to work with master instructors in their fields, all in a nurturing and fun environment.
Improv Writers in Schools (WITS)
Week 1 | Jun 14-18
Led by some of the top improvisers in the Houston area, our one-week Improv Camp teaches campers how to work and play together, creating amazing moments and unforgettable performances as a team. The camp will focus on the basic skills of improv: teamwork, trust, acceptance, and a "Yes, and.." attitude. Armed with those skills, who knows where their imaginations will take them!
Week 2 & 9 | Jun 21-25 & Aug 9-13
WITS programs give children an opportunity to learn by reading literature and practicing writing in a work as published authors. WITS campers demonstrate improved reading and writing skills, increased confidence, and enhanced creativity. WITS focuses on the writing process and addresses original voice, inventive word choice, sentence fluency, and clear organization. WITS workshops build skills in reading and analysis, expose students to multi-cultural literature, and emphasize the importance of revision. At the end of the week, the camper will share their finished pieces in a celebration and will take home a portfolio of their work.
Culinary Creations Krav Maga
Week 3 & 8 | Jun 28-Jul 2 & Aug 2-6 
Follow your taste buds to Well Done Cooking Classes and learn to cook like a chef! Campers will receive hands-on instruction in making (and tasting) delicious recipes. Campers will travel by bus to the Well Done Cooking facility for a private class, where all required ingredients and tools will be provided. Recipes will be Kosher style and allergies can be accommodated.
Week 5 & 8 | Jul 12-16 & Aug 2-6
Coach Brian will mix fun, friendships, and fitness at our NEW Krav Maga Camp! Krav Maga is a system of self-defense that teaches your child how to defend themselves with physical activities that teach self-control and discipline. Group team building games will help your child make friends and build social skills.
Coder Kids Sports of Sorts
Week 1, 4, 5, 7 | Jun 14-18, Jul 5-9, Jul 12-16, Jul 26-30 
Houston-based Coder Kids is coming to JCamps! Each week, campers will work with different software and explore a variety of coding languages and concepts. As an essential part of the class, campers will have digital citizenship lessons that focus on privacy, netiquette, identity, safety, and team communication.

Week 1- Minecraft
Week 4- You Tube
Week 5- Fortnite
Week 7- Roblox
Week 6 & 9 | Jul 19-23 & Aug 9-13
Our Multi-Sport Camp option offers the best of all our sports conveniently packaged into one exceptional week of camp. It doesn’t matter if you have never played or if you are a sports enthusiast. Ignite a passion for all sports in this fun-filled camp. Improve kicking, running, jumping, and throwing skills while focusing on teamwork and good sportsmanship. This camp is co-ed, specifically designed for grades 3-5, and features a different sport each day. Sports include basketball, volleyball, whiffle ball, indoor soccer, and pickleball. Playground sports like kickball, four square, relay races, and more will be incorporated.
Swish! Golf
Week 3 & 8 | Jun 28-Jul 2 & Aug 2-6
Throughout the week, we will focus on the basic building blocks needed to become a superstar on the court. Through drills that work on dribbling and passing as well as the basic techniques of shooting, we strive to build confidence and emphasize having fun through the sport of basketball. Mixed in will be learning good sportsmanship, team play, and other skills that your kids won’t even know they are learning.
Week 2 | Jun 21-25
Campers will travel to Clear Creek Country Club to work with Strike Golf Academy. Campers will learn the fundamentals of full swing, chipping, pitching, putting, rules and etiquette. Whether they are brand new to the world of golf, or ready to take their skills to the next level, Strike Golf will work with our campers and make sure they have a great time!
Hit A Homerun Just Kicks
Week 1 | Jun 14-18
Campers will travel by bus to STIX Baseball Academy to enjoy the entire 12,000 sq. foot indoor training facility. This program is designed to enhance the skills of players at any level. Campers will focus on developing hitting, fielding, throwing, pitching, and base running skills with seasoned coaches, as well as engage in live game play with other campers. Although the camp is baseball-driven, campers will also have the opportunity to play games of dodge ball, basketball, as well as play baseball trivia games.
Week 5 | Jul 12-16
Coaches and counselors will teach soccer techniques to the campers in a fun and confidence-building environment. The Rise Soccer Club will focus on first-touch, passing, dribbling and shooting. With a mixture of drills and games, we will build the skills necessary for your children to improve their soccer game! Campers will progress through the week and conclude with scrimmages
Girl Power Sports Just Add Beats
Week 4 & 7 | Jul 5-9 & Jul 26-30
This girls-only camp will allow campers the opportunity to try all kinds of sports. We have a goal of encouraging strong, active, and goal-driven girls through playing sports. Not only will campers get to play team sports like basketball and volleyball and practice individual sports like running and tennis, they will also have a chance to learn about women in sports, good sportsmanship, and how nutrition plays an important role in one’s life.
Week 6 | Jul 19-23
Explore the world of sound with this creative audio production camp. Campers will work together in small groups to learn how to write and record original songs, produce a podcast, or add sound effects to video games. Camps will have a copy of their high-quality original audio at the end of the week.