Levine Family Tennis Academy

Our Mission

To develop aspiring juniors to become the next generation of Collegiate and world class tennis players.

Program Information

The Levine Family Tennis Academy at the J is designed for high level players who can focus on intense training. We will create a program that is custom tailored to put you in the best position possible for high level play. At the LFTA, we prepare you for your future in tennis by focusing on these three disciplines:

  • Technique development and mastery
  • Physical training and growth
  • Mental awareness and focus

We dedicate ourselves to create high level tennis players who also have high level character values. LFTA instills sportsmanship, focus, dedication and responsibility.

Key Features

The Levine Family Tennis Academy at the J will provide your junior tennis player the foundation and opportunity to realistically pursue high level collegiate play and beyond. We aren’t just teaching kids to be great tennis players, but teaching them to apply the sportsmanship, focus, dedication and responsibility off the court and in life as well.

  • Regular video analysis
  • Limited players per court
  • Dedicated physio in each class
  • Outdoor and indoor tennis courts
  • Scholarship availability
What We Offer
  • Coaching staff consisting of former touring and teaching pros from the ATP
    Branded attire
  • 16 hours of on-court training sessions
  • Additional tournament style play

Erik Kiser

Tennis Center Director

(713) 551-7292