Art Classes

Art is for everyone!

Try your hand at drawing, painting, ceramics & more!


The J’s Ceramics Studio is a friendly and cooperative studio space. The studio is home to students with all experience levels and ages – from young children to senior adults.  Students work together in to maintain the health and flow of the studio.  Working among peers—whether at a beginner or more advanced level—enriches the class experience.

Our Facilities:

  • Four large work tables
  • Slab roller
  • Six pottery wheels
  • Two electric kilns
  • A large assortment of glazes for student use
  • Student storage space

Studio Arts

Adult Classes

Take classes with experienced teachers in The J’s art studio. As a community center, we strive to offer an inviting work environment where ideas, creativity, and friendships are cultivated. Working among peers—whether at a beginner or more advanced level—enriches the class experience. We offer semester courses in drawing and painting and a variety of craft mediums.

One-time workshops are offered throughout the year on a wide range of craft and fine art topics such as jewelry, printmaking, textiles, and projects on Jewish themes are a great way to pop in, learn something new, and leave with a beautiful project.

Children Classes

The J’s visual art programs for children are grounded in the elements of art, inspired by art history, and driven by personal expression.  Our exciting after school semester courses and fun weekend workshops are opportunities for young artists learn new skills, make new friends, and by empowered by bringing their visions to life!

All kindergarten-2nd grade classes are variety-based classes in which they will try their hand any many different mediums throughout the semester.  3rd-5th grade classes are opportunities for students to dive deeper into topics such as ceramics, fashion, cartooning, painting, and more!

Erin Joyce

Visual Arts Outreach Coordinator

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